Marco Rubio – The Voice of Experience

It might seem odd to call Marco Rubio, the junior senator from Florida, the voice of experience.  Yet it seems that the media and the “establishment” are attempting to portray him as just that.  Somehow, he is both a fresh … Continue reading

Natural Born Citizen

Since it has been a hot topic, I thought I would add my two cents. I remember when I had a class on the constitution in middle school.  I think it lasted nine weeks.  Anyway, there was a discussion of … Continue reading

Gentle Ben

Ben Carson is one of the most fascinating candidates for the Presidency of the United States that I have ever seen.  He has the aura of a personal friend.  He is kind, thoughtful, and as far as I can tell, … Continue reading

Iowa Caucuses and Bigger Events

Most of the country has spent the last few hours processing the news coming out of the Iowa Caucuses last night. The race for the GOP nomination for President has already been historic in several ways, and it is just … Continue reading

Don’t support ANY GOP candidate for president unless you can answer this ONE question – Allen B. West –

A different evaluation for your consideration before voting. Continue reading

The Mysterious Donald Trump

I intend to do several posts discussing strengths and weaknesses of current presidential candidates.  I do not claim to be the most knowledgeable of political pundits, but I believe that perhaps my research and inquisitive nature can be of some … Continue reading


I am sitting in the waiting room.  My ten year old son is already experiencing for the second time something that I have never experienced.  He is in surgery. I suppose that broken wrists are a fairly common occurrence.  I … Continue reading

The Lost Art of Critical Thinking

I have been trying recently to immerse myself more frequently in the wonderful world of useful literature.  I have waded through material on topics from George Washington to science to group psychology in an effort to soak up some knowledge and … Continue reading

How The Republican Party Gets it Wrong

I was listening to a talk radio program for a few minutes the other day, and I came to the realization that the Republican party’s entire approach for most of my memory has been wrong. No, I am not saying … Continue reading

How To….

We have all done it.  We look at a diagram or read an article and say to ourselves, “That would work – I could do that.” My son does this a lot.  He frequently comes to me saying, “Dad, did … Continue reading